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About Endorsements

Insurance Services Offices owns the copyright for the ISO forms. The ISO has been making standard insurance industry forms for decades and most company’s now use their policy forms and endorsements.

The Additional Insured Endorsement

There are many different types of A/I endorsements but these are the most common ISO forms:

CG2010 – Owners, Lessors and Contractors – 4 versions since the November 1985 edition (1185).
CG2033 – Automatic status when required in construction agreement/contract.
CG2037 – Owners, Lessors and Contractors – Provides Completed Operations coverage.
CG2026 – Designated Person or Organization.

‘Primary’ and ‘Primary & Non-Contributory’ Wording:

  • This endorsement is requested so the GC’s insurance limits aren’t used to pay subcontractors claims There is no standard ISO form for this endorsement

Waiver Of Subrogation:

  • CG2404 - Waiver of Transfer Right of Recovery Against Others.
  • This endorsement is requested so that your insurance company won’t try to get money back from the GC’s insurance policy if the GC’s is found to be partially at fault and your insurance company paid the whole claim.

We have a full size reference form for you and your staff to keep and use. Please email or call me today for your copy.

About your current coverage - A Little Quiz!

Questions you may want to ask yourself about your current coverage & broker

  1. If you are currently using an indemnity agreement with subcontractors, does yours trigger to pay for legal costs in a lawsuit on your behalf as the fees are generated or after the court case settles?

  2. If you don’t have subcontractors, are you sure your insurance will cover you in case your GC or building owner pulls you into a lawsuit?

  3. Do you know why the CG2010 1185 is so appealing to the GC and builder/owners?

  4. Is your current broker or their staff specially trained for contractors needs or do they have the CRIS designation?