D Crawford Insurance Services: Document Processing & Commercial Sales - Specializing in California Contractors
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Deborah Crawford, CRIS Brokerage Principal
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Not only do we sell all lines of insurance for contractors we also offer the following services:

  • Contract review. Before you sign any contract for work, we read the indemnity/hold harmless agreement and ensure your insurance will cover you for the contractual liabilities you are taking on.

  • Certificates and endorsement issued quickly. For those who have their general liability placed through us; we have all of the ISO additional insured endorsements and many manuscript additional insured forms for those companies who do not use the ISO forms. In most instances, there is no waiting for the endorsements to be issued by the insurance company, as we have them here in house.

  • All the residential construction markets. The retail brokers’ relationship with the wholesale broker is critical to your chances of getting the best rate and the best coverage or the jump in line for a quick quote and always the candor between the two necessary to best serve you, the contractor. No need to worry if you could get a better deal somewhere else, as there is no need to go somewhere else.

  • Collect, verify & monitor subcontractors’ insurance documents. Lets face it, determining if your subcontractor has the proper insurance can be a daunting task for any of your office staff. We offer these services with the purchase of a policy or stand-alone. We’re truly a full service agency and to you it will be like having an insurance professional on staff at a small fraction of the cost. You don’t have to have a policy with us nor do you need to have one to get this service. You’ll be surprised how easy it and inexpensive it is to contract to us, this important part of your daily operations and give your staff more time to do what they do best.

  • We store your documents forever and supply you with electronic and/or paper copies of everything. Construction defect claims can come in years later and if you don’t keep your records, you have no way to trigger your subcontractors’ insurance policy to cover the claim for you.

  • Staff Education. There are certain websites to visit to check on an insurance company and to check on your subs’ insurance agents. There are some insurance company’s that will never issue certain endorsements and if you have a cert showing this company will issue this form, your staff should know to question the authenticity of this subs’ insurance. If you would rather have your current staff continue to collect the insurance certificates for you, then they should feel confident they have a professional to rely on if they have a question or are in doubt. This service is free of charge to any and all contractors and their staff. We are always happy to help.

  • Getting your subcontractors’ proper general liability insurance. Sometimes we have found subcontractor’s insurance is merely premises slip and fall liability and not meant to cover operations. Its at this point, your subcontractor needs a proper General Liability policy to cover their completed work. We have been able to come in and get coverage placed within hours for these subcontractors, virtually having no affect on your operations.

  • Subcontract. You should have a contract between you and your subcontractors. If you aren’t utilizing one yet, we have the standard subcontract here available which includes the indemnity agreement. It’s in WORD format and ready to be filled in for each subcontractor you use. Ask for it to be emailed to you at no cost.